About the Project

Tataouine Community and Research Center is intended to be a model climate-proof, carbon-neutral, self-sufficient and sustainable community (eco-village) that will demonstrate the way forward to not just survive the climate-crisis but to live in a new and better way that nurtures the human spirit and bio-diversity.
 It is being constructed on 36 acres in northern Arizona in a high desert environment with no available groundwater.
 Structures will incorporate bio-geometry and be made primarily from rammed earth, because it is the most environmentally friendly, affordable and durable material. Many of the oldest structures on Earth are made from earthen materials and if properly maintained will last for thousands of years.


The soil used for the rammed earth structures comes from on-site.
 Tataouine is off-grid and will generate power from solar, wind, hydrogen, bio-fuels and other clean green sources. Energy conservation and generation will be integrated throughout the community. Even exercise equipment will generate electricity.
 Waste will be converted to energy and nutrients, then those nutrients will feed algae, plants and humans.
 Water will recycled using our unique PolyBio System, just like nature does, with ultra-pure and energized water at the end of a carefully managed natural circular biological cycle.
Food will come from intensive indoor vertical gardens using aquaponics, aeroponics and soil with a diverse harvest of vegetables, fruit, legumes, grains, aquatic plants and herbs for a delicious and nutritious menu that supports vibrant health and wellness.
The community will be partially managed with our advanced AI-based software system that will ultimately be replaced by smart natural systems.
Our presence on the land will improve bio-diversity and density through responsible stewardship and a close relationship with the land and its inhabitants.
We anticipate having 6 full-time residents to manage the community with another 6 interns and room for 12 guests to experience a new way of living and attend workshops and hands-on classes, or just relax and enjoy themselves.