Progress for regular updates

Our plan is to first develop the basic support systems and worker housing, then build the main structures with full energy, water and food systems. The first house will be in the southeast corner of the property and it will have 3 bedrooms.

27 May 2022 - First temporary storage building has been completed, soil classification system for septic system has been completed and is positive. Species survey progressed. More plants relocated from building sites. Work will resume on or about June 13 with septic system, foundations and rammed-earth wall construction of the first house.

18 May 2022 - Coconino County has granted the final approval to our plans for the first house and issued the building permit, contingent upon our septic plan. Approval of the full plan will require special permissions from the state and county.

17 May 2022 - Site work started for the first storage building, materials and equipment scheduled for delivery on Friday, May 20.

16 May 2022 - Species survey commences so that we will better understand the current residents of the property and can develop a bio-diversity and preservation plan. As possible, plants, animals and insects at building sites will be shifted to nearby vacant locations and provided with support to ensure their survival. Our goal is to improve the property's bio-diversity and ensure a net benefit to wildlife. We will post a list of resident species once the survey is completed.

05 May 2022 - Coconino County approves the project for their Sustainable Building Program and permit fast-track approval.