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Tataouine is a climate-proof, self-sufficient and sustainable habitat and research center under construction in the Arizona desert. It is designed for up to 24 residents and will be a demonstration model for the development of larger habitats.

The community is entirely off the grid and produces it's own power and food and recycles water in a circular waste-energy-nutrient system.

Tataouine is a project of Climate Survival Solutions, a public benefit corporation.

Mission & Vision

We recognize that our planet is already deep in a cycle of accelerated and catastrophic climate change. While the pace of that change might be slowed through the reduction of fossil fuel emissions, substantial feedback loops have already been triggered and humanity must now quickly adapt to new realities.

We are an international group of scientists and engineers dedicated to developing and implementing the means for humanity to not just survive the climate crisis but to live in harmony with nature, undo the damage we have caused and nurture the Earth back to health.

Tataouine is our first demonstration project to show how humanity can live in a truly sustainable way and enjoy water, food, housing and energy security in a vibrant and supportive community that is carbon neutral, self-sufficient and truly sustainable.